I am running for Congress because I firmly believe we can be a transformative district, built on equity and inclusion. The 7th Congressional District is the most diverse district in Illinois, yet we have some of the greatest disparities in the country.

The residents of our district deserve a fighter. We deserve full access to quality healthcare, neighborhoods and school zones free of gun violence, and reforms to a criminal justice system that disproportionately targets the lives of men and women of color. I also believe that to address the urgent crises threatening the future of our country we cannot simply proceed with business-as-usual.

The 7th Congressional District deserves a representative who will take bold action and put a check and balance on corporate PACs who try and buy influence with campaign donations. Ultimately, when I become your Congresswoman, I vow that my organizing inside of the congressional chambers will be as equally important to me as my organizing on the ground in our district.